Social distance compliance
Alerts device wearers that they are within 6ft of another person


Stops habitual face-touching
Alerts device wearers when their hands come to close to the face.

contact tracing

Enables Contact Tracing
The current method for contact tracing is an in-person interview, which is sometimes unreliable and very costly.  Imagine the scenario of a plant worker being positive: because all plant workers are wearing SMAT devices, just running a simple report during their 8-12 hour shift would instantly detail who they were in contact with.

SMATTM works in


Public Transportation

Transportation Security Administration

Airport Operations Staff

Flight Attendant/Federal Air Marshalls

Buses and Trains

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Public Transportation

Travel is estimated to be responsible for 15% of recent COVID-19 case increases.

SMATTM protects both passengers and employees of the public transportation industry that's crucial to the operation of our country's industries.


Food & Beverage

Meat, Poultry and
Food Processing Plants

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Food & Beverage

Meat and poultry processing companies are facing significant reduced consumption and supply chain disruption challenges.

Processing plants are deploying costly measures to ensure the safety of plant workers (installation of plastic partitions between workstations, hiring personnel to monitor social distance compliance). SMATTM is an effective and inexpensive alternative.


Law Enforcement & Crisis Management

State & City Law Enforcement

FEM Disaster Relief Operations

Immigration Operations

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Law Enforcement & Crisis Management

SMATTM protects employees of the agencies that keep our communities safe.




Emergency Room Triage

Doctors, Nurses, and Hospital Staff

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SMATTM protects the first responders and essential healthcare workers who put their safety and wellbeing at risk every day to help those who need it most.



Colleges and Universities


K-12 Schools

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As of 9/10/20, there are 88,000+ new cases and 60+ deaths at 1,600+ colleges and universities.

The most critical CDC guidelines for a safe return to schools is to encourage preventive behaviors (social distancing, masks, hand hygiene, and use of cohorting). SMATTM helps enforce these behaviors.



Fast Food and Dine-In Restaurants



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Help keep our restaurants open - protect hospitality employees and diners.

Restaurants and bars are estimated to be responsible for 23% of recent COVID-19 case increases.