Social distance compliance
Alerts device wearers that they are within 6ft of another person


Stops habitual face-touching
Alerts device wearers when their hands come to close to the face.

contact tracing

Enables Contact Tracing
The current method for contact tracing is an in-person interview, which is sometimes unreliable and very costly.  Imagine the scenario of a plant worker being positive: because all plant workers are wearing SMAT devices, just running a simple report during their 8-12 hour shift would instantly detail who they were in contact with.


SMATTM is a wearable electronic device that attaches to the visor of a hat and uses sensors to alert you if you attempt to touch your face.

With built-in Bluetooth technology, SMATTM also monitors social distancing, alerts you when you are less than six feet from another person wearing a SMATTM device, and stores data that can be used for contact tracing as well as critical research into how infectious diseases spread throughout a population.


Masks are used to protect others; SMATTM is used to protect you and your family.

We touch our faces when we feel anxious, embarrassed, or stressed, but we also do it without thinking to ease momentary discomforts such as itches and muscle tension.

For many of us, this habitual response isn't easy to change, but it's a crucial step to avoiding infection. SMATTM helps by alerting you every time this behavior is detected, helping you change your habits and stopping the spread of disease to you and your family.